How do we fulfill client's needs

Web designed and developed for performance, with simplicity and beauty.


Phase 1 – Strategy and Research
  • Research your needs
  • Study the landscape
  • Define a strategy
We analyze your needs, and study the landscape. This helps us to understand what your goals are, and how they can be accomplished.


Phase 2 – Mockups, Wireframes, Prototypes
  • Mind mapping
  • Developing concepts
  • Creating Layouts
After we have a clear idea what to represent, it’s time to create design concepts. These can be broken down further development with the clients help.


Phase 3 – UI/UX
  • Determine colors, look and feel
  • Design protoypes
  • Refining: Review & Approval circle
This is were we move the gathered information into a visual representation.


Phase 4 – Strategy and User Research
  • From prototype to functional site
  • Constant feedback on the state-of-work
  • Testing and delivery
Now it’s time to go from design to bits. While developing the website, we ensure to be on the right track by constant discussions and feedback from the client.


Phase 5 – Site Launch
  • Checklist
  • Approval
  • Launch
Before a successful launch, it´s time to get together and check Content, Functionalities, Standards (Accessibility), Performance, OnPage SEO, Hosting & Backups, Legal-terms, and the Project Deliverables.


Phase 6 – Site Launch
  • Checklist
  • Approval
  • Launch
Since the job is done, we give special importance to this process that will give life to your project.

Online Marketing

Phase 7 – Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Define online marketing verticals
  • Setup campaigns & deliver the message
  • On-going optimization
Being online is just the first step. Getting your message out is the next. Our focus is on Social Media, SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization), Content Marketing, Growth Hacking and Affiliate Marketing.